Interested in Catering for your event?

Below are our “predesigned” Packages that allow you to select the barbecue meats that you desire. They also come with your choice of side dishes (Sides List), Texas Toast & BBQ Sauce.  All you need to do is : (1) Select a package that fits your group size, (2) Select the barbeque meats, (3) Select your favorite Side items, (4) Telephone the Podnuh’s location that is nearest to you, and we will have your order ready for your pick up at our Drive-thru window.  It’s that easy !

If you wish to have Podnuh’s to design a package that specifically fits your group and size, please call our “Catering Specialist” at the telephone #’s listed below.

Florida Blvd. Location
Jarrell 225-333-1417 

Sherwood Forest Blvd. Location
Terrell 225-295-7056